Gentle Solutions 7-Step Safety System! Book




The Complete Guide to Frank Bell’s Acclaimed

7-Step Safety System!


Frank Bell’s Seven Steps To A Safer Horse

By Frank Bell

With Sylvia Scott

Frank Bell’s Gentle Solutions techniques have evolved over the past two decades into some of the most effective, yet easy to use methods for natural horsemanship training.

I have been honing and teaching this system to thousands of students, trainers, teachers, veterinarians and farriers throughout the world for years now. I call this program my 7-Step Safety System (7-SSS). It is the foundation for everything I do with horses, all horses, whether I ride them or not. When these seven sequential steps are used properly, the rider has a completely new and in-depth relationship with their horse. Furthermore, it builds a relationship based on mutual confidence, trust and deeper understanding. If this seven-step level is not attained, it is not time to ride the horse, or it may be time to reach for outside help. What we are talking about here is: safety. In my opinion, safety is the only thing that really matters when dealing with horses. Without safety as your primary focus, the experience for you and the horse cannot possibly be all that it can be: incredible. Best of all, anyone can learn this system.

– Frank Bell

“Frank Bell’s genius is in assembling these exercises in an order that makes perfect sense to the horse and rider.”

– Rick Lamb, The Horse Show