Discover The Horse You Never Knew! Frank Bell’s Foundation Video. . . The Place To Start!  Frank Bell’s 7-Step Safety System takes the mystery out of natural horsemanship while dramatically raising horse and rider confidence and safety. This important work is changing the lives of horsemen and seasoned trainers worldwide.

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Horses are unpredictable by nature. Using this logical sequence of exercises, a solid footing is built under both the horse and the rider. Issues are addressed, not ignored. The horse’s feet and brain connect as directorship and respect are established. When the horse is ready he’ll invite the ride. If not, the rider will either address and fix the issue or not ride the horse. This is about safety first.

We begin by establishing a relationship by giving to the horse. We call this first step bonding and it sets us apart. Our eager student is then ready to give back by cooperating with our wishes. This firmly places us as the leader and builds to a beautiful dance we call Ballet on the Ground as the horse performs simple dressage while improving athleticism. Ballet in the Saddle follows as safety is turned truly into elegance.

Endless circles in the round pen and lunging come to an abrupt end. Years of tests and confusing levels are eliminated as riders take control of the situation immediately and learn this remarkable system.

The additional training videos in the Dances With Horses Video Library are based on knowledge of this Foundation Video. A solid understanding of this work will prepare every horse for addressing a multitude of issues.

Whatever equine discipline you choose will be greatly enhanced when you understand the theory, techniques, and timing behind “Discover the Horse You Never Knew” Frank Bell’s 7-Step Safety System!

This system will boost your confidence and your horse’s as well. You’ll become the strong assertive leader you’ve always wanted to be.

Get there now. . . with Discover The Horse You Never Knew! Frank Bell’s Foundation Video. . . The Place To Start!!

Actor and horseman Robin Stewart with Frank Bell.