Consultation with Wisdom: Founders Jim Rea and Frank Bell

Almost every day someone contacts me about a “problem horse.”

Being certain that pain is not the cause of the behavior is very important.

Having spent years refining these skills, we offer telephone consultations at $95.00 per hour. At a pre-arranged time we will call you to help you sort out your particular issue. Please handle the payment information at the beginning of the call. paypal or Venmo

Often such letters come from someone who had been warned by someone else about ridding themselves of “that dangerous horse” or something similarly worded.Several decades of working with innumerable problem horses has given me a wealth of experience that I am delighted to share with horse owners. It is for this very reason that I created a “Problem Solving Series” of videos to provide answers to the most vexing of horse training problems. Still, phone and email consulting consume a good part of my day. Throughout this growing list of horse problem horse letters you may well find the answers to your most difficult challenge if not, let me hear from you and I’ll do my best to help you out!  Becoming proactive will be the key to solving issues. Follow up consults may be necessary.

Phone: Jim Rea: 303-596-0160

Frank Bell and I have collaborated on horses for over 25 years. For a number of years, together, we did week long clinics a year at The White Stallion Guest Ranch in Tucson Arizona. In the mornings we would ride, and in the afternoon, I would impart information classroom style.
If you are a new horse owner, or a seasoned horse owner I should be able to help you with questions about:
The nature of the beast. (horse)
What drives the horse?
How does the horse think?
How to recognize pain and pain management. A horse in pain is a dangerous horse!
Safety around horses.
How do you handle a horse that crowds you
Picking up feet safely
Saddling safely
Horse safe fencing
Foot handling and foot care
Barefoot- Explain the barefoot movement
Tack selection
Saddle selection and fit
Selecting a saddle pad, color is a very minor consideration
Blankets and why, in most cases, they are not necessary and can be harmful
Storing and caring for tack
Hay selection and storage
Storing and protecting hay and grain
Should you feed grain, why and why not
Feeding practices, when and how to feed
Pasture and Paddock choices and selection
Insect Control

Transporting horses
What kind of trailer would be best for you
What kind of truck do you need to pull it with?
Pre trip safety check
Hauling tied or untied
Should you haul horses facing front or back
Should you have food or water available while hauling
Shavings or no shavings
How long should I haul without letting them out

With me you get a mixture of the latest science, as I know it, and a lot of experience with horses. I have spent most of my career with horses helping those that have serious unwanted behaviors. That starts out with looking for pain. I also have a lot of experience with mustangs having started and trained a substantial number of them and having taught other people to start them at BLM sponsored clinics.
I presently have a bay mustang gelding who was in The Extreme Mustang Makeover, a Tennessee Walker who is a great trail horse, an older Arab gelding and an older grade mare.
It all begins with knowledge. Please contact me via email to arrange a consultation.
Jim Rea

Frank Bell

In the Spirit of the Horse,