SAFE and SIMPLE typify Frank Bell’s approach to Natural Horsemanship. His horse training techniques embrace gentle handling with advanced communication. Frank’s methods are being taught by his certified partners and mastered by horse people worldwide.


Frank’s unique 7-Step Safety System is truly placing the horse and rider on higher ground as they do indeed “Discover Horses They Never Knew.”

The Natural Horsemanship Movement embodies a revolution in horse-handling techniques that gained momentum as the last century came to a close. Today horsemen and women are rapidly embracing this evolved movement. No trainer has made this revolutionary philosophy more accessible than Frank Bell.

What makes Bell’s approach so different? He has single-handedly taken the mystery out of the natural horsemanship movement and created a logical set of exercises that put a solid foundation underneath the horse and rider. Most importantly, it is easy to understand and implement immediately, and you do not need a round pen!

This does not take years of practice and multiple tests. It’s about having a plan and working it right now. If the horse is ready, he’ll invite the ride. If he isn’t ready to ride, don’t. This is about safety! When the invitation does come from the horse, a true partnership exists that will carry them both to amazing places.

The results of Frank Bell’s training are showing up in riding programs and stables throughout the world. His success in curing the most difficult problems is truly legendary. Frank Bell’s ability to share his gift with riders by giving them a distinct starting place with all horses has brought him wide acclaim and a rapidly growing following.