In his book, “Horses that Touched my Heart”,  Frank Bell relives his experiences helping troubled horses. For 2 1/2 decades Frank Bell took on the horses that had fallen through the cracks, the abused, unwanted, dangerous, distrusting, and the horses others had failed and given up on, many headed to auction or slaughter. Very seldom did Frank fail and often times the miraculous transformations brought him to tears.

“Join me as I interact with some of the most interesting, talented, and troubled horses in the world, some destined for auction or worse. Fly through the rolling hills of Virginia with me on Rowdy, a horse that had put numerous wranglers in the hospital. Read about Magnifico’s return to the track and winning, after he had completely melted down on the racing circuit in Arizona. Fred was bred for dressage but wouldn’t have anything to do with it, leaving rider after rider on the ground. Ambella, my absolute heartfelt love, a line-back dun, almost unheard of in polo circles, later carried Prince Charles, her speed remarkable.”

“These vignettes will entertain as well as educate, as you read the thinking of a horse whisperer, a title I am proud to call myself. Reading how a horse whisperer works through problems will be quite helpful in your own quest to make a better life for you and your horses. My promise!”

Safe Riding Always, Frank Bell

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