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Spring Newsletter 2014

                                                                                         Spring Newsletter

With longer days leading to greening pastures our horses will take on their annual shedding appearance with some of these changes quite radical as they slowly morph back into the slick-coated horses we remember from last summer and fall. Patience.
A few points about horses and springtime:
• One day can be warm, even balmy. . . the next day full blown winter yet again. Continue to provide shelter from the elements and be vigilant.
• Be sure your horses continue to have unlimited access to ample water. Tank heaters are good insurance against colic and dehydration.
• Spring is always welcome after the drabness of winter but it can play havoc with a horse’s digestive system until they adjust. Rich spring grasses can also lead to founder so it is best to initially control turn out time and discuss the issue with your vet.
• Do your horse’s feet need attention?
• If you worm and vaccinate, spring worming and vaccinations are a good idea. This is also a good time to have a thorough dental exam so your horses can go into the riding season in prime condition.
• Not all horses require the same treatment for worming and vaccinating. The hard reality is that we may be removing beneficial bacteria when we worm. Many horsemen do not vaccinate, ever. A frank discussion with your vet on such matters may end up being of long term benefit to the proper health of your partner.
• Horses can handle cold and they can handle wet, but not both at the same time. If you live in such conditions, shelter is important. When it is cold horses need to eat hay to stay warm. Unlimited grass hay is ideal.
• Stallions and geldings develop beans that obstruct urination. Keeping the sheath clean on a regular basis is also an important part of male horses health. Learn how to check and perform these tests or have your vet do so.
• Tuning up your tack makes for a spring project. Take inventory. Order the tack you’ll need NOW. Clean your blankets, pads, girths, and tack. Do a close inspection of worn leather parts and replace if in question.
• A quality pad is the kindest thing you can do for your horse. Protect that back because a sore horse is a dangerous horse


 “If you continue doing the same thing, you’ll get the same result.” Are you happy with your relationship and progress with your horses? If the answer is YES, then stay on track, revel in your success, and continue improving your timing. Usually after an honest assessment most would like to see improvement in ourselves and in turn, some positive changes in our horses.
Change begins with establishing a plan and taking that first step. Having an eager student is necessary and a relaxed horse leads to a cooperative attitude. Think back on the teachers you had in school. Some made learning fun and interesting; some just the opposite. Be that great teacher for your horses.
I’ve developed a logical sequence of exercises that gives horsemen a plan that begins with simple groundwork and leads into the saddle, if and only if the horse gives a clear invitation to be ridden. When mounted up, we immediately establish a place to regroup if necessary. With that solid beginning and foundation, the potential is unlimited. My 7 Step Safety System is the focus of my Discover the Horse You Never Knew DVD and Gentle Solutions Book.
Our esteemed Accredited Instructor Marry Morrow along with Eunice Rush have found that itch that needed to be scratched in the horse world and with Trafalgar Publishing behind them, the sky is the limit. Finding the right horse isn’t so easy as there are a lot of moving parts.
In their book they explain all four “social styles” or personalities, their modifiers and variables seen and unseen which result in behaviors that we must deal with every day. Do you wonder why your children are so different from each other ? Do you have a horse that struggles to stand still or one that seems lazy and doesn’t like to go? Personality dictates the answers to these questions.
Understanding how we as humans learn and how to connect with our horses is just one of the helpful techniques you will learn from the book. Along with learning how to purchase a horse that matches your social style, they also explain how to train your horse with an understanding of how he learns. The book also has chapters on pain, saddle fitting and working with abused horses. You can go to to purchase your autographed copy.
You can also download questionnaires from the book at and download for free the human social style questionnaire and the horse personality questionnaire. Facebook page -KnowYouKnowYourHorse
We’ve all dealt with the alpha horse that quickly gobbles down his food then robs other horses of their meal. Bob Claymier enlightened me to a concept to address this annoying behavior. If you feed grain to several horses in the same paddock and one has a tendency to gulp their food down and then hog into their pasture mates – try placing 3-4 smooth stones about half a fist size into the feed bucket which will slow them down perhaps enough for the others to finish. Use smooth stones as the horse will be moving them around with their nose to get at the grain and you do not want to cause abrasions. It is also be a good idea to wet all grain before feeding as a way to reduce the possibility of choke or impaction especially with the horse that eats quickly.
Over the last fifteen years I’ve assembled a team of accredited instructors worldwide. One of the services we provide is remote coaching via email or phone. With a plethora of interesting emails constantly coming my way, I often defer to the team and encourage them to respond to the client as well as all of us so we can learn from each other. With so much talent and experience within the group, it is truly amazing how thorough and enlightening these responses can be. Far too often the whole story isn’t told to the trainer so the aggressive horse’s antics are not expected. Armed with the truth, the trainer can be far more effective, knowing the whole story.
We invite your challenges and questions at:


 Our video of the month club is a logical introduction to my Gentle Solutions approach. Beginning with the award winning DVD- Discover the Horse You Never Knew, my 7 Step Safety System is the logical first step and establishes a solid foundation for the remaining DVD/Book library that arrives conveniently each month for a full year. Absorb and apply the information of each instalment during the month at your own speed. By year’s end you won’t believe your relationship with your horses!


Jim Rea and I will be conducting our next week long clinic at White Stallion Ranch Nov 9-16, 2014. These weeks are really special as we share our knowledge of the equine on so many levels. With 130 horses you will find your soul-mate and progress beyond your expectations.
There does not exist a more well-run family dude ranch. White Stallion Ranch is truly a class act!
“Getting back into riding as a middle aged less confident rider had its challenges and my horses knew it. The White Stallion Clinic empowered me to take the lead and my whole relationship has done a 180.” Adrienne Mullinose, Connecticut
“I brought more back from Jim & Frank’s March clinic than I even realized. It was a life-changing experience in so many ways.” Paula Howe- New Mexico

Remember- The Long Way is the Short Way AND Your Success is our Success,

Safe Riding Always,
From the whole gang at Dances With Horses,

Frank Bell

I only recognize the products that make a real difference to the horse and rider. I use and recommend the following quality products:
• Supracor and Equipedic pads. Save 15% ordering from Dances With Horses- (DWH)
• Leather Therapy restores, reinvigorates, and actually strengthens leather products
• Buckaroo Leather make some of the finest tack from the highest quality leather available
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• Forco is a pre-biotic supplement that improves the bio-flora in your horse’s systems so they get the most from their feed and maintain their weight. Hard keepers benefit dramatically
• Arborwear clothing, originally designed for tree climbing/pruning professionals, doubles as superb riding attire with ample room and comfort for older horsemen
• Those of you that are considering breeding horses this spring should consider purchasing accredited instructor Bob Claymier’s “Complete Guide to Horse Breeding, Foaling and Foal Training”. This 3 DVD 4 hour set is likely the most comprehensive guide available and takes one through selecting the right mares and stallions all the way along to weaning the foal produced on the other end. Additional information can be found at –
• Schreiner’s Herbal Solution- A highly effective topical application endorsed by vets worldwide that speeds up healing dramatically
• Thrive Horse Feeds- for the very best in nutrition especially for hard keepers

Each quarterly newsletter I will be highlighting several DVD’s in my audio/visual library.

Are your horses walking off before you find your stirrup on the off side? Maddening and really downright disrespectful. Your horse should wait for you- period!

A bit nervous about picking up feet? Some horses are a snap; some make it difficult and dangerous and our nervousness travels right through to the horse. Both these topics are well covered in our Mounting the Difficult Horse and Problem Foot Handling DVD.


With twenty-three accredited instructors worldwide teaching a remarkable safety system our program is truly making a difference. Our Accredited Instructors help riders achieve heightened levels of confidence and safety while establishing a safe place to regroup as necessary. We invite you to look into our Accreditation Program.

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“As Jim Olson and I rushed from the stands to the winner’s circle, I flashed back on that spring afternoon months before when we had rekindled his trust and belief in humans.”
Excerpt from Magnifico’s Return to Paradise