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Out of Control Horses

Hello Fellow Equestrians:
Thanks for your recent feedback concerning out of control horses.
Statistics consistently concur that 70-75% of horse accidents involve falling from the horse. More often than not the rider has lost control. So the important question is how to maintain and regain that control? Bending and circling the horse is far and away the most consistent answer from you. Why?
• Bending/circling brings the horse back into thinking mode, from irrational/flight to rational/thinking
• Simultaneously and as importantly, the power is taken from the horse as the hind end is disengaged, thus turning off the engine/power
Bolting, bucking, rearing can be controlled using these very simple maneuvers that every single person mounting a horse should know first and foremost.
I pose this question- why is this not being taught consistently to all riders? Imagine the accidents that can be prevented, the confidence that can be empowered instead of eroded.
Empowering riders with this knowledge is their right and our duty. Please join me in helping the world be a safer place for all riders by embracing and helping promote these very simple concepts. It would be our gift to future riders. The gift of dramatically safer riding. Instead of riding in fear and without an emergency procedure, the empowered rider revels in much gained confidence.
Safe Riding Always,
Frank Bell