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Frank Bell's Gentle Solution Revolutionô

Natural horsemanship clinics, horse training techniques and unique horse training products using Horsewhisperer Frank Bell's acclaimed Gentle Solutions. Frank's Safe and Simple techniques for training horses can achieve instant results - even with problem horses!

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Trailer Loading Video

Trailer Loading

Every horse can load easily and willingly when you know Frank's simple and loving techniques!

Five horses, four trailers, and four seasons set the stage to learn Frank Bellís Gentle Solutions natural horsemanship approach to loading horses successfully and without incident. Trailer loading is a necessary part of horse training, ownership, and enjoyment. It can be a big event or a non-event. Horses can react like dogs and just fly into the trailer ready to " go for a ride."

The opposite end of the scale is the stress that both the horse and trainer can suffer when the time comes to deal with getting the horse into the " evil" trailer. This is an opportunity to learn how to do it right and actually enjoy the process while heightening horse/trainer confidence.


" Most horses that load happily are well-adjusted, confident riding horses," says Frank Bell. " When I work with any horse that has loading problems, itís the first thing we deal with. When they can go in happily and have their breakfast, the rest is relatively easy."


A variety of horses, trailers, and weather conditions are used to demonstrate Frankís Gentle Solutions approach to helping horses accept trailers as part of life and basic horse training. Learn how to help your horse want to be in the trailer and look forward to the next adventure. Proper tying, securing the butt bar and door, backing out, driving, safety tips, and more are covered in this excellent work filmed throughout the U.S.A.

58-minute VHS, PAL, Secam Video or DVD

What they are saying...

" I took two young horses to a 3-day Gentle Solutions Natural Horsemanship clinic given by Frank Bell and was riding them with a nothing more than a rope halter by the time the clinic was over. Pull back and trailer loading aren't problems anymore! Frank is an outstanding teacher - I'm amazed at what the horses and I learned in 3 days!"

- Cathie Dayton, Writer and Horsewoman

" When you think about what we are asking of horses, to get into these little boxes with wheels, it's a wonder that any horse ever loads into a trailer. Watching Frank's video, 'Trailer Loading' enabled me to load our 7-year-old quarter mare for the very first time like a snap."

ó Bill Parks, Ballwin, MD

" My horse had been involved in a very bad collision, and it appeared impossible to ever get him into a trailer again. Using Frank Bell's methods, as shown in his video, had us loading and unloading Gypsey in less than an hour."

ó Barb Henry, Woodside, CA


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Frank Bell's horse training tips Frank Bell's Horse Training Tips

Learn Frank Bellís 7-Step Safety System well and youíll take 80% of the risk out of riding and have heightened confidence and safety. Safety is everything!

" A well-lit trailer, sun or artificial light can aid in loading. A dark trailer is scary, especially the first time."

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