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Retraining The Race Horse Video

Retraining The Race Horse

A video full of the special considerations you need to show these wonderful athletes.

Horses off the track are often times ill prepared for their next career. Basic horse training foundation work has seldom been adequately addressed and the horses are crying out for help. Taking the time to settle the horse, and then bringing them back while building confidence is a true art.

It all begins on the ground, then slow work in the saddle as their foundation thickens and solidifies. There is a real method to this process. Every single horse is different and each require their own custom training program that will bring them back to being reliable, quiet, confident steeds.

Now they can enjoy a new life that wonít involve someone beating on them whether they win or lose the race. Learning to read the animal and determine just where they need help is the answer and it isnít attained overnight, but is built on over time and experience.

This thought provoking work using Frank Bellís acclaimed Gentle Solutions natural horsemanship techniques will help you on your path as you and your partner begin anew.

The magnificent scenery of the red rocks located in Coloradoís front range set the backdrop for this important and timely piece.

50 Minute VHS Video


What they are saying...

" Frank has re-trained no fewer than 40 ex-race horses for me. His gentle and loving approach makes nearly miraculous transitions in these horses in a remarkably short time. His video, 'Retraining The Race Horse' has enabled us to take over the actual retraining process ourselves, now that Frank's schedule prevents him from spending much time at the ranch."

ó Bobbi Richine ē Rocky Mountain Training Center, Larkspur, CO.

" Anyone who has ever owned a horse fresh from the track will appreciate this marvelous work. Absolutely indispensable for anyone owning, or contemplating ownership of an ex-race horse."

ó Mary Goodman - Miami, FL


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Learn Frank Bellís 7-Step Safety System well and youíll take 80% of the risk out of riding and have heightened confidence and safety. Safety is everything!

" Your hand in the air translates into pain for most racehorses. They were whipped to win and lose alike. Help them get over this."

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