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A private clinic can be organized for your club or horse group. In a private format, we do not need the marketing timeframe to build the clinic.

Review Organizing A Frank Bell Clinic to determine the clinic format and understanding of requirements.

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Successful private natural horsemanship clinic with challenged teens, April, 2002.

Cost Considerations
  • 2-Day format a guaranteed $2500 up to 10 people. Additional students at $250/person. Example: 6 students only will divide the cost of $2500.
  • 3-Day format a guaranteed $3500 up to 10 people. Additional students at $350/person. Example: 8 students only will divide the cost of $3500.

Marketing Material will provide:

  • a clinic flyer
  • promotional package that includes a promotional video for airing to your group
  • registration/deposit forms
  • clinic organizer checklist

Consider the information in Choosing the Date section of Organizing A Frank Bell Clinic and discuss the date choices with the interested parties. It is helpful to talk with the Dances With Horses office first or email direct to to get an idea of availability before presenting to your group.


To reduce travel expenses, please let us know if private accommodations are available at no charge on site along with a pickup if airline travel involved.


My eight year old Morgan, Resort Valley Sparkler, had hurt me or put me in danger numerous times. I have invested thousands of dollars on trainers and clinics. When I met Frank Bell I was ready to sell Sparkler or can him.

Frank laid him down, just like in the movie. He got up with a new and very much improved attitude.

Diana Marquardt & Sparkler.

Sparkler and I are back to Competitive Trail Riding, NATRC. Everyone wanted to meet my new horse. He was so calm and such a gentleman my friends thought he was a new horse. He is!!

I have continued to learn from Frank and I practice his 7 steps for safety every time I ride. When you and your horse learn the steps it takes an extra five minutes. It's very easy. It's magic how it calms the horse and gets their brain working with you.

Frank's clinics are full of everyday useful information. Not at all intimidating and loads of fun! Frank is kind and very understanding. He does not expect you to be the expert he is.

Thank You Frank!!! 


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