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"The superior Supracor Pad is far and away my top choice in equine pads. The pad is by far one of the most important pieces of equipment to protect the horse's back. Most saddles do not fit the horse perfectly, which can cause problems and pain. The innovative patented honeycomb Supracor pad works like a shock absorber, grips and cools, prevents pressure points, and is lightweight and easy to clean."

View Supracor saddle pads and other equestrian products at:
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"I’ve recently become acquainted with a true equestrian and his company- EquiPedic. It is my strong opinion that the pad is the most important piece of equipment that you need to own. The number of horses with sore backs is alarming. When the pain becomes severe, the horse becomes dangerous - period. With safety as our #1 goal, this is truly a safety issue. I urge you to thoroughly peruse the Equipedic site. Since we’re dealers for this product, we can save you money on this already affordable saddle pad."

View Equipedic saddle pads and other equestrian products at:
Order through Dances With Horses and receive a discount on all Equipedic products!
Email or call 1-800-871-7635.

A comfortable saddle for the horse and rider is of utmost importance, and far too often the cause of irritation is an ill-fitting saddle. Synergist Saddles fit you and your horse.
Almost 10 years now and my horses are as happy and comfortable as I am. I recommend Synergist Saddles. Synergist makes every effort to design saddles that fit both the horse and rider. The result is a comfortable and balanced ride for both short and long distance riding.

Custom designed saddles for all riding disciplines, including the Frank Bell model. Order your Synergist Saddle through Dances With Horses, Inc., and receive a FREE VIDEO of your choice from our video library. Email or call 1-800-871-7635.

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"I keep my tack and all my leather equipment in tip top condition with this amazing product. The restorer not only protects, but actually strengthens leather!"

Frank Bell and Jim Rea strutting
their Arborwear pants at the
grand finale of the Evergreen,
CO clinic mid-May ‘05 .

Maker of great pants and shirts.

Rugged, comfortable, and designed to make any outdoor job easier.

Forco is an all natural nutritional supplement which supports the digestive process in all animals. A horse's digestive process begins with saliva in the mouth and continues through the gut system to the anus. Horses have over one hundred different kinds of micro flora in their gut system and about thirty of those are really important and the proportion of each change with the feed the horse is digesting. Forco is not food for the horse, Forco is food for those microbes to help them be healthy so they in turn can digest the nutrients presented to them in the most efficient way. Forco will help your horse to digest whatever feed and supplement you are giving him, or her, most efficiently.



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