Organizing a Gentle Solutions Clinic

The following overview outlines the basic requirements to organize a successful clinic. The information listed will help you determine the format that best fits your group and understand the steps to building a successful clinic.

To book a clinic, we require a minimum of eight riders with deposits.

Choosing the Date
  • For the maximum exposure and participation, plan a 2-6 month or more lead time. This insures coverage in Horse Publications for editorial and advertising. If you have 8 committed riders, we can cut back on the lead time or do a private clinic. Timing is everything!
  • Research other major community and equine events not to conflict.
  • Consider weather patterns in your area (indoor facility expands your choices).

Ideal Facility

  • Indoor or covered arena (no risk of cancellation from weather).
  • Outdoor can be a consideration based on the time of year. Indoor back-up ideal.
  • Centrally located to major highway and equine communities.
  • Large enough to accommodate horses and riders (a 20’ radius for each horse to do the ground exercises). Example: 60’ x 100’ fits 12 horses.
  • Seating area for auditors (such as existing bleachers or areas on the side of arena to accommodate chairs.
  • Overnight boarding for horses (per diem to facility).
  • Overnight camping or cabins for riders and Frank.
  • Motels close by.
  • Restrooms or rental of port a-potty available.
  • Parking for trailers and auditors.
  • Existing sound system or electricity for our sound system.
  • Good lighting
  • 2 or more volunteers (assist with distribution of marketing materials and parking, no charge to audit)

Clinic Formats (See detailed descriptions of each clinic format under Clinics.)

  • 3-Day Format: Friday 12pm to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 3pm, Sunday 9am to 3pm
    • Complete 7-Step Safety System
    • Problem Solving covering 12 major issues
    • Communication in the Saddle
    • Advanced Horsemanship Exercises
    • Lectures & Q/A
    • Average Cost $475 - $600
  • 2-Day Format: Saturday 9am to 4pm, Sunday 9am to 4pm

    • Complete 7-Step Safety System
    • Communication in the Saddle
    • Problem Solving 6 major issues
    • Horsemanship Lectures & Q/A
    • Average cost $350.00

  • 1-Day Format: Saturday 9am to 5pm
    • Complete 7-Step Safety System
    • Problem Solving 3 major issues
    • Communication in the Saddle Average
    • cost $200.00

Private Sessions

Private sessions can be scheduled usually one day before or after the clinic. Riders are given a discounted session of $50/hr, all others privates at $65/hr.

Riders & Auditors

  • Riders of all levels are welcome and will benefit dramatically.
  • Riders should bring a started/riding horse. If your horse has major issues, bring a more manageable horse.
  • Horses with major issues should schedule a private session with Frank prior to clinic to access and resolve. It is important for riders to work with a more cooperative equine partner while learning new skills.
  • Interested riders without a horse may want to participate. Locate a horse for a nominal fee.
  • Riders under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian to sign waiver.
  • Riders should be encouraged prior to clinic to study Frank’s video "Discover the Horse You Never Knew," or order one of the packages that includes the rope halter with 12’ lead which is the tool needed to work the 7-Step Safety System.
  • Students with a good grasp of this work will progress faster than those just beginning.
  • All products are available at the clinic.
  • Rider satisfaction is confidently guaranteed.
  • Auditors @ $30/Day for all clinics- bring a chair, lunch, hat, weather gear.
  • Auditors benefit greatly and are included in many of the exercises.
  • Auditor questions are invited and encouraged.

Marketing Assistance

Dances with Horses provides all marketing materials such as promotional package with video, flyers, counter stands, posters, press releases, advertising, editorials, signs, registration forms, and an organizer checklist.

We will need assistance in your area for the following items:

  • Early exposure is the key for a successful clinic. The names, phone, email, and any personal contact referrals of all the horse publications for your state and surrounding area are needed ASAP in order to submit editorials, get on event schedules, and advertising well in advance of the clinic. Inexpensive weeklies like the mini-nickel can also be effective.
  • Voice mail setup number needed prior to completion of marketing material
  • Presentation to Horse Clubs using video - A Day in the Life of a Horsewhisperer
  • Distribution of the clinic flyer & posters
  • Equine non-profits can be offered a discount agreed by DWH Registration forms and deposits
  • Post directional signs the evening before or morning of the clinic at major intersections clinic

Equipment Requirements

  • Voice mail setup
  • DWH booth: 2 – 8’ tables, undercover area or use of awning/tent setup, 8’ metal or PVC pipe section for hanging products
  • Twine (approx. 36 strands) Baling twine is ideal and free!
  • Used plastic grocery sacks (2 dozen) 10-15 cones or items to use for obstacle course exercises
  • Chairs for riders
  • Cold water
  • 12' x 12' tarp and ground poles for cavaletti work - if available on-site

Other Suggestions

  • Provide lunch (use a caterer if available), variety of drinks, etc.

Benefit to Organizer

  • Clinic organizer earns a free ride in the clinic
  • Organizer receives our "Getting Started" package (a $185 value) that includes:
    • Frank's foundation work "Discover the Horse You Never Knew"
    • Custom yacht rope halter/lead combo
    • Custom extendable wand
    • Gentle Solutions book
    • Laminated pocket card
  • Opportunity to sell all Dances With Horses products after the event, purchased at wholesale pricing
  • Excellent exposure for your facility
  • An in-depth understanding of Frank's evolved approach to horse/human communication


Clinics are not only about horses, but about treating all life with respect and dignity. The lessons learned from horses in these seminars are lifelong and often life changing.

If you are genuinely interested in organizing a clinic, please contact us by email or phone so we can fully understand your objectives and goals. Dances With Horses will review your request and set up a phone interview. For more information on Frank Bell’s philosophies and techniques, please review other departments of this web site. 1-800-871-7635 or email:


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