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Mounting The Difficult Horse & Problem Foot Handling Video

Mounting the Difficult Horse & Problem Foot Handling

Tired of horses walking off when mounting?

Training horses to stand perfectly still when mounting and dismounting is critical to the success of each and every ride. Far too often horses are down the trail before the rider finds the stirrup on the off side. Not only is this very dangerous, but instills disrespect for the rider. There is a straightforward approach to training horses to stand quietly and wait for the rider to say, " Now we go." You’ll be amazed at the difference when implementing Frank’s Gentle Solutions natural horsemanship approach to dealing with this vexing issue. A massive Ab-Shire gelding presents Frank a worthy challenge.

Foot handling can be a dangerous endeavor when horses are either ill prepared or have been abused. This problem is far too common, yet can be addressed with Frank’s highly successful procedures, even by less experienced horse trainers. In this step by step sequence Frank Bell will show you just how to help your horse willingly give his feet every single time using his acclaimed gentle solutions natural horsemanship approach.


Combined time - mounting and problem foot handling - 55 Minute VHS, PAL, Secam Video or DVD


What they are saying...

" My Arabian mare was always moving off as I mounted just wouldn't stand still and it was giving me fits. I ordered Frank's video on fixing this and within a few minutes had Beauty standing perfectly as I mounted from either side. It's so logical and we're both now safer and happier for it."

— Adrian Mullinose, WA


" After burning through about a dozen farriers who left in frustration, I decided to address this issue myself. I found Frank Bell's " Problem Foot-handling" video on the web and quickly ordered it. This step by step process now has every single horse in my barn giving their feet happily to me and my new overjoyed horse-shoer. This is not only great information for the problem horses, but for all horses."

— Sarah Helfinch, NY


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Learn Frank Bell’s 7-Step Safety System well and you’ll take 80% of the risk out of riding and have heightened confidence and safety. Safety is everything!

" Make it uncomfortable for your horse to walk-off when mounting. Make it very comfortable to stand perfectly still."

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