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July 16, 2009

Interview: horse whisperer Frank Bell of Gentle Solutions Revolution
Frank, you call your training program the 7-Step Safety System. Who is it safe for - people or horses? First and foremost, it's safety for people. But it becomes safe for the horse too. Many horses jeopardize their own safety, getting in trouble or hurt because they are afraid. The idea is to build confidence in the person and desensitize the horse. In my program I refer to the 'Three Cs' - control, confidence and communication.
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August / September 2005
Straight from the Horse's Mouth
A mother's death forever changes the heart of her son, and sorrow and suffering instill amazing insight into a boy, who as a man now shares with the world. Frank Bell was 6 years old when his mother's life ended, leaving him the third born son in a tribe of four brothers.

"When my mom died, my dad and two older brothers didn't know how to nurture or develop a bond of relationship with me. Our Cocker Spaniel, Missy, however, sensed my emotional needs through her constant presence and unconditional love," claims this man now dubbed the horse whisperer.
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In 2001, Western Horseman magazine featured Frank Bell in a series of articles.

Companion Horse, 2001
Getting Intimate with Magnifico
Magnifico's story is as interesting as any. A complex Arabian who ran for his life at the track and won, but he lost his way with humans. What had taken place will never be known or admitted. I ache for what he must have endured, because when he came to in the late winter of '96, he had no use for me or anyone for that matter.

After winning several flat track races the summer of '95, he was purchased and sent to Turf Paradise in Arizona. He broke the track record in his first race by a serious margin and placed well in the next. Read full article (PDF)

Western Horseman, January 2000
To a Safe Stop
Frank Bell's training program culminates in a graceful, yet quite practical one-rein stop. When horse gentler Frank Bell performs a one-rein stop he guides his equine partner through an elegant, free-flowing movement that involves solid communication and harmony.

According to Bell, teaching a horse "ballet" as he calls the final segment of his seven-step training system, elevates safety to an art.

"Two simple manuevers - a one-rein stop followed by a turn on the haunches ..." Read full article (PDF)

Companion Horse, 2000
Turn Your Love My Way
"The relationship with the horse, is without a doubt, the most important aspect of working with the horse."

With this kind of philosophy, Frank Bell is the kind of trainer that your horse would pick. He approaches horses with all the things they deserve - respect, loyalty, bonding, relationship building - then asks them to work.

Do they work for Bell? You bet they do. They work harder and with more heart. "To get that relationship you 'give' to the horse and before too long they give to me."  Read full article (PDF)

Western Horseman, Sept. 1998
The Ties That Bind 
"The only way to have a friend is to be one," Ralph Waldo Emerson wisely pointed out, and his advice can be apty applied to our relationship with horses. The horses in the greatest need of a friend, however, are often the most difficult to befriend. How do you get physically - let alone emotionally - close to a horse who is busy biting, rearing and bucking?

Horseman and clinician, Frank Bell of Larkspur, CO does it with kindness. Having built his own particular brand of horse handling on the cornerstones of touch and intimacy, he's developed a seven-step safety program that he teaches in 3-day clinics around the world ... Read full article (PDF)

Moonstruck and Mr Bell
The story of Mr Frank Bell and the horse who grew up to carry a future king.
As the sun begins to set over the dusty plains and paddocks of tall grass, off in the distance a whinny is heard. Gazing off, you see a lone figure playing gently with two frolicking horses. The words, "That man looks like he's dancing with those horses", come to mind. And he truly does; he dances with horses.

A romantic vision, but one not far from the truth. This is the life of Mr Frank Bell, horse trainer and imparter of knowledge of all things equine. Read full article (PDF)


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