Accredited Instructors

Frank Bell 7-Step Accredited Instructors are horse trainers who are qualified to help you with any horse problems that you may be having.

The term "Certified Trainer" is being so overused in the horse training industry that we've chosen to simplify our approach and change our terminology.

As horse trainers, we are constantly dealing with horse problems. Far too often these issues are brought on by well intentioned "Certified" horse trainers who do not truly understand the nuances of their guru's work. The endless circle in the round pen or the whacking of horses on the head with special "sticks" has many horses traumatized.

Fortunately, Frank Bell Accredited Instructors are horse trainers who, in most cases, are able to bring these hapless creatures back by using Frank's logical sequence of horse training exercises. Frank Bell Accredited Instructors are horse trainers qualified to teach the Frank Bell 7-Step Safety System.

Since everyone trains horses differently, we make no claims beyond teaching the 7-Step Safety System. We encourage our horse trainers to use Gentle Solutions and follow the example Frank Bell has set of being fair, yet firm when necessary. We invite you to explore our evolved approach in communicating with all living creatures.

In spirit,

All currently accredited instructors are listed on this page. We encourage you to contact them. Our accredited instructors are specialists in varying aspects of horsemanship - choose the instructor who understands your problem. Each instructor’s forte is listed below.

Having spent years refining these skills, we offer telephone consultations at $35.00 per hour. At a pre-arranged time our instructor will call you to help you sort out your particular issue. Please handle the payment information at the beginning of the call. A credit card is the simplest way for all parties.


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South Africa
United States
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Carol Bachman
Bob Claymier
Chas Frame
New Jersey
Diana Graves
Mike Grigsby
Clay Harper
James 'JC' Hobbs
Lori Johnson
South Carolina
Jim Olson
Jim Rea
Denny Taylor
Missy Wryn
Michaela Yowaiski
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Ken Anderson
Logan Village
Tim Chamberlain
Dunkeld, Victoria
Willem Koekemoer
Oakey, Queensland
Matthew Clifford
Park Ridge, Queensland
Herma Jansen
Bethulie, Southern Freestate