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Frank Bell’s Franchise Program is designed to expand our teams of Accredited Instructors worldwide and provide the availability of the 7 Step Safety System (7-SSS), clinics, and products to a global audience.

Our franchise program is designed for the professional trainer seeking a higher profile and a proven international program that focuses on accident prevention. World-renowned DVDs, books, a range of merchandise and educational products support this proven system that is reducing equestrian accidents worldwide.

Our program begins with a solid understanding of how the horse operates both mentally and physically. Because he is a flight animal, the horse’s initial instinct when frightened is to flee. By heightening the horse’s tolerance to deal with fear, the handler lowers the incidence of flight. But flight is inevitable, therefore the next step is to have both, preemptive measures in place as well as emergency procedures if/when this takes place.

Frank Bell’s time tested Safety System helps horsemen and women maintain control. There are very stark differences between our program and the rest of the high profile clinicians that dot the horse world because this system begins with thorough ground procedures. The handler does not mount the horse unless abundantly confident and in charge, yet knowing full well there is always a place to regroup as necessary.

With this solid foundation firmly in place, the goals of every riding discipline become achievable.

Franchise Benefits

Accreditation in the most evolved program available, with strong support from our global family of Accredited Instructors genuinely concerned for the welfare of horses and riders, enables the new instructor candidate the following infrastructure:

  • Training at our international centers
  • product-line of books, DVD’s, and training accessories
  • Clinic format
  • Database of clients in your area, worldwide
  • Marketing kit
  • Support and networking within the HW organization
  • Respected global presence
  • Availability of high quality healers, trainers, and products

Franchisee Responsibilities

  • Establish or use a professional facility for training
  • Assemble your cluster of quality healers, trainers, products and services in your area
  • Stock and sell products in your region
  • Conduct clinics- format provided
  • Supply with monthly/yearly reports, database, and forecasting
  • Suggested attendance at Bi-annual gatherings with the family of Instructors and Management
  • A professional, assertive, positive, attitude politely engaging the equine community, and demonstrating the values of using Gentle Solutions
  • Maintain consistent marketing and branding in your region - using the supplied marketing kit.

Franchisee Requirements

  • Satisfactory equine experience and knowledge, fitness level, accomplished riding ability, and  pass background checks
  • Attend 1 week clinic at White Stallion Ranch in Arizona, USA
  • Demonstrate mastery of 7SSS- and the ability to teach the system
  • Business management skills
  • In-depth Homework modules

Financial Information

$7500 initial fee includes

  • 1 week study at White Stallion Ranch, Tucson, Arizona $2750
  • Our Complete System $489
  • One on one instruction each day
  • Final demonstration and written essay review and critique  

If the franchisee does not attain the required level of requirements, later testing using a DVD may be required to attain certification.

Upon completion each Accredited Instructor receives their AI franchise kit- $2000 value, and support from HW

If the Franchisee candidate fails to meet standards, $1500 will be refunded. Not achieving accreditation does not preclude said candidate from marketing/selling HW products. Our goal is to achieve global exposure; therefore we encourage all candidates to actively market HW products, philosophy, and clinics.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to assemble a worldwide network of Accredited Instructors that empower horses and their owners using Gentle Solutions. Join us.

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