Almost every day someone contacts me about a “problem horse.” Often such letters come from someone who had been warned by someone else about ridding themselves of “that dangerous horse” or something similarly worded.

The Problem Horse Letters links below and on my blog come from the letters sent to me by people who have had baffling horse problems that they (and everyone they know), simply could not solve.

Do you have a similar horse problem? Look over the list of problem horse letters below and on the blog. Select any one of them to see if there’s a solution to your own horse training problem!

Several decades of working with innumerable problem horses has given me a wealth of experience that I am delighted to share with horse owners. It is for this very reason that I created a “Problem Solving Series” of videos to provide answers to the most vexing of horse training problems. Still, phone and email consulting consume a good part of my day. Throughout this growing list of horse problem horse letters you may well find the answers to your most difficult challenge if not, let me hear from you and I’ll do my best to help you out!

Remember: Make the right thing easy and comfortable for the horse. Conversely, you must make the wrong thing difficult and perhaps even uncomfortable. Most importantly, have your plan and “ammunition” ready. You must react immediately when the unwanted behavior surfaces. If the horse hits the “brick wall” several times, he’ll probably stop trying. Above all, be fair!

In the Spirit of the Horse,

Problem Horse Letters (in PDF format)

Biting Horses

  • Aggressive Biting
  • Colt Nibbling & Biting
  • Peruvian Paso Bites
  • What About Biting?

Problems in the Saddle

  • Horse Bucks When Asked to Canter
  • Fjord Bucks at the Canter
  • Horse Rushing Jumps
  • Horse Won’t Stand for Mounting & Jigs on the Trail
  • Jiggy Horse Won’t Walk
  • Horse Won’t Whoa
  • Retired Barrel Racer Bolts
  • Horse Rears Under Saddle
  • Pony Stops & Won’t Go
  • Horse Won’t Lope Under Saddle
  • How to Stop Crow-Hopping?

Bit & Bridling Problems

  • Horse Refuses Bit
  • Introducing the Bit
  • Teach a Horse to Give to the Bit
  • Horse Refuses Bridle
  • Horse Rears When Bridling

Clipping Problems

  • Quarter Horse Can’t Be Clipped
  • Pony Doesn’t Want to be Clipped

Spooking Horses

  • Horse Spooks at Everything
  • Spooky Horse Bolts
  • Unconfident Horse Spooks

Ex-Race Horses

  • Dangerous Ex-Race Horse
  • Ex-Race Horse Bolts
  • Ex-Race Horse Gets Excited at Shows

Trailer Loading

  • Trailer Loading
  • Horse is Afraid of Trailer

Fear & Safety

  • Fear of Riding After Bad Injury

Young Horses

  • Foal Demands Treats
  • Unhandled PMU Filly
  • Young Stallion is Dangerous

Horsekeeping & Vets

  • How Much Room Does A Horse Need?
  • Horse Hates Shots
  • Hurt Filly Would Not Let Us Treat Her Wounds

Miscellaneous Letters

  • Abused Horses
  • Is Aggression in Horses Curable?
  • Start with the Right Horse
  • Proud Cut Gelding is Hard to Handle
  • Training a Distrustful Mustang
  • Teaching the Horse Who is the Boss

Pony Problems

  • Naughty Pony
  • Reprimanding a Pony

Problems on the Ground

  • Round Pen Problem
  • Horse Does Not Lead Well & Pulls Back When Tied
  • Helping the Head Shy Horse
  • Horse Kicks When Approached
  • 4 Month Old Filly Kicks

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