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Communication In The Saddle Video

Communication in the Saddle

45 minute VHS, PAL, Secam Video or DVD

We are constantly training our horses. Good and bad. Our hands, legs, body, and mind all send signals to horses.

Clear, concise communication begins in the mind, and then moves through the riderís body. Using Frank Bellís natural horsemanship approach, learn how to tell the horse exactly what you want and donít want.

Learn how to control your horse using only leg and seat pressure. Riding with life, V-thinking, the black and white zones that communicate right from wrong, total focus, half passing and side passing, soft feel, proper backing, mounting from a block or the fence, and transitions are all clearly demonstrated and explained.

Problems including jigging, prancing, rearing, balking, shying, and spooking are all addressed in this video. Learn to do less to get more. Strive for perfect harmony. Move toward a partnership based on a solid foundation that only gets better and better with every ride. Frank Bellís Gentle Solutions natural horsemanship approach makes perfect sense to the horse and the trainer. Filmed in the beautiful red rocks in Coloradoís front range, this work is applicable to all disciplines.

What they are saying...

" After 3 years of dressage training, I discovered that I had somehow jumped over the most basic information necessary for calm, controlled riding. Frank Bell's video, 'Communication In The Saddle' provided this missing information and has dramatically improved my riding and my relationship with my horse."

óRobert Gross ē Truro, MA

" This video helped me understand how important my whole body is in communicating my wishes to the horse. I now ride with my mind and follow with my body. It's fabulous."

óDee Boucher ē Carlsbad, CA



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Learn Frank Bellís 7-Step Safety System well and youíll take 80% of the risk out of riding and have heightened confidence and safety. Safety is everything!

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