Frank Bell Gentle Solutions Clinics

Gentle Solutions horse training clinics by Frank Bell improve horse and rider communications!

Escalate your natural horsemanship skills by a quantum leap when you attend one of Frank's concentrated teaching clinics. In one week participants will learn the skills for gentling horses and assuming mastery over training and horse riding skills which otherwise can take a lifetime.

Frank Bell's clinics offer solutions for...

  • Spooking and Shying
  • Pull-Back
  • Trailer Loading
  • Proper Mounting
  • Foot & Ear Handling
  • Hard-To-Bit
  • Water and Bridge Crossing
  • Herd Bound/Barn Sour

Are any of the above problems a problem you are having with your horse? If so, learn how you can solve these problems by attending a Frank Bell Gentle Solutions Natural Horsemanship Clinic!

Feedback From Our Clinic Participants

"Frank Bell is a natural teacher. I came away from a recent 3-day Gentle Solutions Natural Horsemanship clinic with so many new tools in my belt that I'm absolutely amazed!" -
~ Cathie Dayton, Writer and Horsewoman

"Just wanted to say 'thanks' again for the great intensive clinic in Colorado! Your patience, your simple, systematic approach, and your skill in speaking to the point made it the most interesting and enjoyable week I've spent around horses in ten years! The one-rein stop alone is a priceless tool to have on demand, whatever the horse I happen to be riding."
~ Eric Olds, Prescott, AZ

"I can't tell you how much we have benefited from your being here. We have so many people enthused and using what you taught us. Your seven steps are wonderful. Take and give is the foundation of so much. I've used it for many years, but integrated into your 7-Steps, it just works so well. I'd say the results have been really astounding. I feel re-born!"
~ Chris Cooper, Anchorage Farms, Bailey, CO

"The clinics in the pavilion that were of most benefit to me were those by Frank Bell. I watched both of these clinics and learned a great deal from them. I can't wait to try his techniques on my new Morab. Frank and his assistant Kim were simply terrific. I would come to see them again if they were invited back in some future year. I'd seen articles on Frank Bell in Western Horseman, but seeing him in person did so much more for me."
~ Thomas J. Schaeper, Ischua, N.Y.

"I've been riding horses for sixty-five years and have never seen a training method so effective as yours. I am amazed at how well and quickly the horses respond to your method. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with all of us. I am so happy that I didn't miss this opportunity."
~ Wanda White, Peyton, CO


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