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Summer Newsletter 2014

For most of us, especially in the north country, summer is the predominant riding season as the build up from an especially long winter and a typically finicky spring finally come into full swing. All those plans and ideas can now be implemented and our preparation fully tested. Enjoy. You’ve earned your summer riding!
A few points about horses and summertime:
• Unlimited water, salt, and minerals are more important now than ever.
• Shade should be provided where your horses can easily find it and they will seek it out, just as we do.
• Do your horse’s feet need attention?
• Not all horses require the same treatment for worming and vaccinating. There is a strong movement toward having a fecal sample analyzed to determine if there is a need for worming as we may be removing beneficial bacteria when we worm. Many horsemen do not vaccinate, ever. A frank discussion with your vet on such matters may end up being of long term benefit to the proper health of your partner.
• Stallions and geldings develop a hard bean-like obstruction that impedes urination. Learn how to check and perform these tests or have your vet do so.
• Insect control becomes dramatically more important as summer comes into play. Be kind. The options are endless.
• A quality pad is the kindest thing you can do for your horse. Protect that back because a sore horse is a dangerous horse. Note our pad suggestions in the column to the right. We are selling dozens of Equipedics in Australia as word spreads.
For me it was about 1988 when I met the man that has now influenced horsemen and women worldwide with his gentle and effective approach to horsemanship. Tom Dorrance was conducting a clinic in southwest Montana and I was as green as it gets. I watched this diminutive gentle-man move mountains as he helped the participants be more effective by usually doing less and WAITING. Several of his young students quietly worked off to the side and their skill, technique, and patience were fabulous. That day changed my life. Before leaving I thanked Tom for making the world a better place for horses and people, he very shyly accepting my sincere compliment.
Today there are dozens, hundreds of clinicians teaching derivations of Tom Dorrance’s approach as the movement spreads worldwide and for the most part horses benefit. Some are fabulous. Some are NOT. Take notice. Are the horses happy? Are they given a real chance to figure it out or is the clinician nothing more than a demanding dictator? The clinicians I respect most teach and emulate patience, keen observation, and clear communication.
Quite often as clinicians we are handicapped by ill-fitting saddles, teeth issues, under and overfed horses, feet issues, and horses in pain. It is absolutely critical that we give our horses every chance possible to succeed, so insuring that the above mentioned conditions do NOT exist gives us and our horses the highest probability to succeed and get the most from the clinic or private instruction.
If you do attend some clinics this summer or at anytime for that matter, be courteous to the teacher and the other students and spectators by staying focused. Two ears, one mouth. Listen closely and ask pertinent thoughtful questions. Save the jabber for later or outside. It’s called RESPECT! Most importantly, be prepared to make changes, because if you continue doing the same thing, you’ll get the same result
Our esteemed Accredited Instructor Marry Morrow along with Eunice Rush have found that itch that needed to be scratched in the horse world and with Trafalgar Publishing behind them, the sky is the limit. Finding the right horse isn’t so easy as there are a lot of moving parts.
In their book they explain all four “social styles” or personalities, their modifiers and variables seen and unseen which result in behaviors that we must deal with every day. Do you wonder why your children are so different from each other ? Do you have a horse that struggles to stand still or one that seems lazy and doesn’t like to go? Personality dictates the answers to these questions.
Understanding how we as humans learn and how to connect with our horses is just one of the helpful techniques you will learn from the book. Along with learning how to purchase a horse that matches your social style, they also explain how to train your horse with an understanding of how he learns. The book also has chapters on pain, saddle fitting and working with abused horses. You can go to to purchase your autographed copy.
You can also download questionnaires from the book at and download for free the human social style questionnaire and the horse personality questionnaire. Facebook page -KnowYouKnowYourHorse
Over the last fifteen years I’ve assembled a team of accredited instructors worldwide. We help people with their horses one on one as well as via email or phone. With the plethora of interesting email questions constantly coming my way, I often defer to my team and encourage them to respond to the client as we continue to learn from each other. With so much talent and experience within the group, it is truly amazing how thorough and enlightening these responses can be.
We invite your challenges and questions at:
Our video of the month club is a logical introduction to my Gentle Solutions approach. Beginning with the award winning DVD- Discover the Horse You Never Knew, my 7 Step Safety System is the logical first step and establishes a solid foundation for the remaining DVD/Book library that arrive conveniently each month for a full year. Absorb and apply the information of each installment during the month at your own speed. By year’s end you won’t believe your relationship with your horses!
I’ve developed a logical sequence of exercises that gives horsemen a plan that begins with simple groundwork and leads into the saddle, if and only if the horse gives a clear invitation to be ridden. When mounted up, we immediately establish a place to regroup if necessary. With that solid beginning and foundation, the potential is unlimited. My 7 Step Safety System is the focus of my Discover the Horse You Never Knew DVD and Gentle Solutions Book.

Remember- The Long Way is the Short Way AND Your Success is our Success,

Safe Riding Always,
From the whole gang at Dances With Horses,

Frank Bell