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Spring Newsletter

Spring Newsletter

I hope the longer days are leading to greener days. Horses will take on their annual shedding appearance, some changes quite radical as they morph as spring comes upon us.

A few points about horses and springtime:

• Remember that one day can be warm, even balmy. . . the next full blown winter yet again. Continue to provide shelter from the elements
• Be sure your horses continue to have unlimited access to ample water. Tank heaters are good insurance against colic and dehydration
• Do your horse’s feet need attention?
• If you worm and vaccinate, spring worming and vaccinations are a good idea. This is also a good time to have a thorough dental exam performed on your horse and take corrective action as necessary. Deterioration in health and body condition of older horses can often be traced to improper dental care so they should receive particular attention.
• Not all horses require the same treatment for worming and vaccinating. The hard reality is that we may be removing beneficial flora when we worm. Many horsemen do not vaccinate, ever. A frank discussion with your vet on such matters may end up being of long term benefit to the proper health of your partner.
• Horses can handle cold and they can handle wet, but not both at the same time. If you live in such conditions, shelter is important. When it is cold horses need to eat hay to stay warm. Unlimited grass hay is optimum
• Stallions and geldings develop beans that obstruct urination. Learn how to check for this condition
• Tuning up your tack makes for a spring project. Take inventory. Order the tack you’ll need NOW. Clean your blankets, pads, girths, and tack. Do a close inspection of worn leather parts and replace if in question. Both you and your horses will be real happy about this come spring riding when there are no surprises.
• A quality pad is the best thing you can do for your horse. Protect that back.

Warm-up in the spring is of utmost importance as horses can be quite frisky especially if not ridden for an extended period. Saddling up and climbing right on is not recommended. My safety system is the focus of my Discover the Horse You Never Knew DVD and Gentle Solutions Book. This logical sequence of exercises puts you in charge and that leadership follows into the saddle as the horse’s energy is used constructively and brains and feet connect. Feel what the horse is telling you on the ground and in the saddle. Are you on the same page? Is your horse well? Are you in a good place to ride and what is your plan? The more time we spend THINKING ahead of riding, the greater our accomplishments.
I had the great fortune of attending one of Ray Hunt’s last clinics in Driggs, Idaho. I asked him to sign several books. He simply wrote- THINK. . . Ray Hunt.


Our esteemed Accredited Instructor Marry Morrow has accomplished something quite remarkable along with her partner, Eunice. They’ve found that itch that needed to be scratched in the horse world and with Trafalgar Publishing behind them, the sky is the limit. Finding the right horse isn’t so easy as there are a lot of moving parts. Eunice and Marry have explored this thoroughly as detailed below:

Improving the relationship between humans and horses is many times very complex. There are many facets to a perfect union and understanding your own personality along with the horses unique personality is one part of being successful. One of my trainers “Marry Morrow” has teamed up with Eunice Rush to write the book “Know You, Know Your Horse” published by Trafalgar publishers. In their book they explain all four “social styles” or personalities, their modifiers and variables seen and unseen which result in behaviors that we must deal with every day. Do you wonder why your children are so different from each other ? Do you have a horse that struggles to stand still or one that seems lazy and doesn’t like to go? Personality dictates the answers to these questions.
Understanding how we as humans learn and how to connect with our horses is just one of the helpful techniques you will learn from the book. Along with learning how to purchase a horse that matches your social style, they also explain how to train your horse with an understanding of how he learns. The book also has chapters on pain, saddle fitting and working with abused horses. You can go to to purchase your autographed copy.
You can also download questionnaires from the book at and download for free the human social style questionnaire and the horse personality questionnaire

Facebook page -KnowYouKnowYourHorse


Bragging on our Accredited Instructors, Missy Axton-Wryn is featured as the Horsewhispering expert in the current addition along with dog and cats whisperers. A well written article that will enlighten all pet owners, Missy represents our evolved approach.


Spending the winter in New Zealand(summer downunder), I’ve teamed up with ace horseman Bob Gilkison to conduct a series of single day clinics. Saturday March 2 found us at the Golden Bay pony club facility working with a variety of lovely horses and people after riding on the beach the previous afternoon. Introducing my safety system as a beginning, Bob follows up with more advanced horsemanship which then leads to his formation riding which puts a huge smile on the faces of the riders as they perform quite intricate exercises. With riders of all levels of expertise attending, we were able to achieve our goal after titling the clinic “Seeking the Soft and Happy Horse.”

Bob publishes The Twisting Trail, both online and in magazine form. This is a fabulous publication that delves into many aspects of the equine and is loaded with first class pictures, mostly from New Zealand’s South Island, undoubtedly one of the most scenic locales on the planet. Bob is a thinker and will lead you to do the same. With articles from horsemen of every walk and experience of life, I strongly encourage you to take a look.


Over the last fifteen years I’ve assembled a team of accredited instructors worldwide. One of the services we provide is remote coaching via email or phone. With a plethora of interesting emails constantly coming my way, I often defer to the team and encourage them to respond to the client as well as all of us so we can learn from each other. With so much talent and experience within the group, it is truly amazing how thorough and enlightening these responses can be.
Recently one of our team was attacked by a horse, though thankfully not too seriously. As a group we supported and encouraged our instructor and also came to some sobering conclusions about some of our client’s memories about their horses. Far too often the whole story isn’t told to the trainer so the aggressive horse’s antics are not expected. Armed with the truth, the trainer can be far more effective, knowing the whole story.

We invite your challenges and questions at:


Our video of the month club is a logical introduction to Frank’s Gentle Solutions approach. Beginning with the award winning DVD- Discover the Horse You Never Knew, Frank’s 7 Step Safety System is the logical first step and establishes a solid foundation for the remaining DVD/Book library that arrives conveniently each month for a full year. Absorb and apply the information of each instalment during the month at your own speed. By year’s end you won’t believe your relationship with your horses!


Jim Rea and I will be conducting our next week long clinic at White Stallion Ranch Nov 10-17, 2013. These weeks are really special as we share our knowledge of the equine on so many levels. With 130 horses you will find your soul-mate and progress beyond your expectations.
There does not exist a more well-run family dude ranch. White Stallion Ranch is truly a class act!
Link to clinic sign-up.

“I brought more back from Jim & Frank’s March clinic than I even realized. It was a life-changing experience in so many ways.” Paula Howe- New Mexico

Remember- The Long Way is the Short Way AND Your Success is our Success,

Safe Riding Always,
From the whole gang at Dances With Horses,

Frank Bell