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Over several decades of working with horses I’ve come to realize the importance of strong leadership and maintaining Control of our horses since it’s the out of control horses that get us into trouble on the ground and in the saddle. Horses prefer to follow, not lead. When we direct our horses with a logical plan, we become that respected Confident leader who can then begin to Communicate well.

Control Leads to Confidence and Sound Communication

When you ride in the spring be absolutely sure to give your horses a good warm-up prior to riding and remember that they are likely to be out of condition due to the winter rest so make the first rides less physically demanding. Horses are almost always quite frisky in the cold. My safety system culminates in two exercises we call ballet, first on the ground, then in the saddle. These exercises connect brains and feet and use energy constructively while promoting horse/rider safety. My safety system when properly executed will get the horse and rider in the right frame of mind, both on the same page. If you need to regroup at any time we have a logical place to wind down and start anew.

Right = Flight. When horses go into flight mode, they are operating in the right side of their brain and departing the scene RIGHT NOW is the answer. . . questions later. But bending the horse keeps the horse in thinking mode = left brain. So bending in conjunction with disengaging the hind quarters which gets the horse out of gear and into neutral is the name of the game and the most important aspect of horsemanship that every single horse person needs to understand ROCK SOLID.

I’ve built a career worldwide with this logical sequence of exercises that is explained in a very straightforward manner in my DVD entitled “Discover the Horse You Never Knew” . . . and you will!!