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I’m not one to endorse every product that comes my way. I only recognize the products that make a real difference to the horse and rider. I believe and use the following quality products:

  • Supracor and Equipedic pads. Save 15% ordering from Dances With Horses- (DWH)
  • Leather Therapy restores, reinvigorates, and actually strengthens leather products
  • Synergist Saddles are custom designed for horse/rider, are lightweight, and designed by endurance riders to offer optimum comfort for all parties. Mention DWH when ordering
  • Forco is a pre-biotic supplement that improves the bio-flora in your horse’s systems so they get the most from their feed and maintain their weight. Hard keepers benefit dramatically
  • Arborwear clothing, originally designed for tree climbing/pruning professionals, doubles as superb riding attire with ample room for us aging horsemen
  • Those of you that are considering breeding horses this spring should consider purchasing accredited instructor Bob Claymier’s “Complete Guide to Horse Breeding, Foaling and Foal Training”.  This 3 DVD 4 hour set is likely the most comprehensive guide available and takes one through selecting the right mares and stallions all the way along to weaning the foal produced on the other end.  Additional information can be found at –  
  • Schreiner’s Herbal Solution- A highly effective topical application endorsed by vets worldwide that speeds up healing dramatically