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Springtime! 2011

I hope this finds you thawing out from winter and enjoying longer and greener days. Horses will begin shedding and not have the best appearance during this transitional time. . . so it goes.                

A few points about horses and springtime:

  • Be sure your horses continue to have unlimited access to ample water. Tank heaters are good insurance against colic and dehydration
  • Remember that one day can be warm, even balmy. . . the next full blown winter yet again. Continue to provide shelter from the elements
  • Do your horse’s feet need attention?
  • Spring worming and vaccinations are a good idea.  This is also a good time to have a thorough dental exam performed on your horse and take corrective action as necessary.  Deterioration in health and body condition of older horses can often be traced to improper dental care so they should receive particular attention.
  • Horses can handle cold and they can handle wet, but not both at the same time. If you live in such conditions, shelter is important. When it is cold horses need to eat hay to stay warm. Unlimited grass hay is optimum
  • Stallions and gelding develop beans that obstruct urination. Learn how to check for this condition
  • Tuning up your tack makes for a great winter/spring project. Clean your blankets, pads, girths, and tack.  Do a close inspection of worn leather parts and replace if in question. Both you and your horses will be real happy about this come spring

From the Whole Gang at Dances With Horses- Wishing you and yours a great riding season.

Remember-  The Long Way is the Short Way AND Your Success is our Success,

 In Spirit,