Accreditation Program

Hello Accredited Instructor Candidate:  

Thank you for your interest in Frank Bell’s 7 Step Horse Trainer Accreditation Program. Let me take a moment to explain why this logical sequence of exercises makes such sense to both horses and riders and why you might want to join our horse training team of Accredited Instructors that are helping horsemen and women worldwide.   

Frank has distilled the sometimes mystical natural horsemanship movement into an extremely simple set of exercises that is transferable to all parties, equine and human alike, regardless of age or issue. Most importantly, it is incredibly effective as horses make changes sometimes in seconds. That is right. Seconds. Why? Because it all begins with giving, melting the horse which instantly heightens mutual levels of trust and confidence. From there it all unfolds logically as a relationship develops, leadership is established, problems are addressed, and energy is harnessed and used constructively as safety is heightened dramatically. Safety is everything and the major focus of our program!  

You’ll have to begin by really understanding the effectiveness of Frank’s 7 Step Safety System- 7-SSS. If you aren’t taken with the system, don’t pursue horse trainer accreditation. Your heart must be engaged first and foremost. From there it’s a natural progression to perfecting the steps because it is so logical and predictably effective with every single horse - period.   

Begin by reading the attached Western Horseman Series. Karen Boush did a wonderful job of capturing the system in words:   

As detailed in the attachment above, should you choose to pursue horse trainer accreditation, a fee of $1500 and the signed returned agreement are the beginning. You’ll receive our Complete System and become an “Instructor in Training” horse trainer as you learn and begin applying the system on a variety of horses. Every single horse training person’s experience and journey are completely different. Therefore we cannot predict when you will achieve horse trainer accreditation. Experienced horse trainers with years behind them and a solid understanding of natural horsemanship will progress far faster than the less experienced. There is no substitute for attending clinics or private clinics performed by either Frank or any of our Accredited Instructors. But clearly horses are the best teachers. You’ll need to get your hands on a variety of horses to perfect the system - period. Rescue programs offer this opportunity and always need competent help. But find a way to handle horses, lots of horses.  

Marry Morrow, our accreditation coordinator works both in clinic formats and privates. Marry can fast-track anyone who spends time with her. But there is no guarantee that every single person who walks down this path will attain horse trainer accreditation. You must prove yourself to Frank Bell, either in person or video.

Getting Started   

The most logical place to begin is by simply reading and rereading the Western Horseman Series until it makes perfect sense to you. Write the steps down in your own words. Then begin applying the horse training techniques with your own horses. When impressed with the effectiveness of this sequence, begin reading Frank Bell’s informational links on his site. Read the tips, problem-solving links, and horse training articles Frank has written. Once you feel like you have a grasp of the program, then get to a clinic. The clinic will help find your strengths and weaknesses. This is a good thing. It is better to find out sooner than later where you need some polishing and refinement. But this is not complicated. And that is exactly why it is so amazing. This horse training sequence is really quite simple and can be mastered by any dedicated horse person, but we cannot give you the most important ingredient in working with horses. It is called feel. Feeling what the horse feels and adjusting accordingly. 

Show Time  

When you feel you have mastered the horse training system, then you’ll need to demonstrate this mastery in front of the camera. You’ll need to work with a real horse, that is, a horse you have never handled with plenty of energy. Begin by briefly explaining why the horse training system is so important in your own words. Then announce each step and proceed, being certain to explain and demonstrate your horse training.

The 3 T’s of each step

  • Theory behind the step. Why do we do this? Then you will demonstrate and explain the -
  • Technique, just how this is done? And finally, be sure to mention the importance of the -
  • Timing involved with each step. When do you stop? Constantly improved timing is critical to your success  

Send your horse training video demonstration to Marry Morrow to be critiqued. If appropriate, it will be forwarded onto Frank. You are required to submit a written essay on the 3-Ts of each step. You will either attain horse trainer accreditation at that time or need to make some refinements.  

Don’t look at this as accomplishing another check on your list. This is a horse training journey that will do nothing but improve your communication with horses . . . forever. So relax and enjoy the ride and don’t set an unrealistic goal. While we want you to succeed, you must learn the horse training system and be able to teach the system to people competently. That is what we are all about - TEACHING. Once accredite as a horse trainer, the benefits are as follows: 

Accreditation Benefits

  • Photo and contact information on Horsewhisperer website at the accreditation link for maximum exposure
  • Access and referrals to horsemen in your area from our extensive database
  • Referrals to horsemen and women in need of assistance in your area that contact Dances With Horses
  • Ability to sell all Dances With Horses products, purchased at wholesale
  • Accredited Instructor network for support and exchanging ideas along with membership in the most evolved net work of trainers on the planet
  • Clinic outline format to conduct your own clinics
  • Generic flyers, registration, and release forms
  • Free attendance at all Frank Bell and accredited instructor clinics

Most importantly, learn absolutely the most expedient and humane system for communicating with and training horses.  

Franchise Program

Frank Bell’s Franchise Program is designed to expand our teams of horse training Accredited Instructors worldwide and provide the availability of the 7 Step Safety System (7-SSS), clinics, and products to a global audience.

Our franchise program is designed for the professional horse trainer seeking a higher profile and a proven international program that focuses on accident prevention. World-renowned DVDs, books, a range of merchandise and educational products support this proven horse training system that is reducing equestrian accidents worldwide.

Our program begins with a solid understanding of how the horse operates both mentally and physically. Flight animals, the horse’s initial instinct when frightened is to flee. By heightening the horse’s tolerance to deal with fear, the handler lowers the incidence of flight. But flight is inevitable, therefore the next step is to have both, preemptive measures in place as well as emergency procedures if/when this takes place. 

Frank Bell’s time tested Safety System helps horsemen and women maintain control. There are very stark differences between our program and the rest of the high profile horse training clinicians that dot the horse world because this system begins with thorough ground procedures. The handler does not mount the horse unless abundantly confident and in charge, yet knowing full well there is always a place to regroup as necessary.

With this solid foundation firmly in place, the goals of every riding discipline become achievable.

Our goal is to assemble a worldwide network of Accredited Instructors that empower horses and their owners using Gentle Solutions. Join us.

For more information or to enroll in Horsewhisperer Franchise Program, contact


The 3-C’s Explained 

  • Having CONTROL on the ground and then in the saddle leads to dramatically heightened  
  • CONFIDENCE which in turn leads to vastly improved
  • COMMUNICATION because the handler can now focus/concentrate 100%. And this is when quality horsemanship really begins to take place because he/she is riding in confidence instead of fear. AND THE HORSE KNOWS IT INSTANTLY BECAUSE A STRONG ASSERTIVE LEADER HAS BECOME EMPOWERED. AND THAT VERY EMPOWERMENT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE HORSE PREFERS. From this point the possibilities are endless! This is precisely what our Safety System is about. We use energy constructively to promote our safety and the horse’s.

The 3-T’s Explained

  • Theory -- Why are you doing this? What is the theory behind this step? For instance, with Step 1: Bonding, it's about giving and making a great first impression. Melting the horse before asking anything of them. Softening up the horse. Don’t begin doing anything unless you know why!
  • Technique -- How exactly do you communicate this step to the horse, physically? This needs to be very precise and articulate so the listener/student understands it perfectly. With bonding, you would show how to indulge the horse by rubbing the eyes, under the jaw, ears, finger in the mouth, etc., and actually show how to melt a horse.
  • Timing -- When do you quit? Your timing must always improve. Your releases should become progressively quicker and crisper. You begin to anticipate the give and are there ahead of the horse. We proceed in this order at all times when training a horse: ask, anticipate that release, get compliance from the horse, release, reward. The release is the reward, but lavish praise will speed up the learning process by 60%!!!!! Our timing can never get too good. 

One More 3

  • A horse lives about a third as long as the human
  • Is about like a 3 yr. old child, mentally. Attention span, tantrums, learning curve, patience, etc.
  • Learns in 3 repetitions - Dr. Robert Miller’s respected opinion

If for no other reason than to dramatically improve your understanding, relationship, communication, safety, and confidence in relating with horse training, we encourage you to learn this remarkably effective horse training system.  

In Spirit,    


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